$50,000 Contribution to Student Scholarship Fund

For the past several years IEEE Vancouver Section awarded $500 each towards three student scholarships  during its Annual General Meeting. The Section Executives decided to increase the three student scholarships from $500  to $1500 each to benefit the IEEE Vancouver students community. Accordingly, Section executives passed a resolution to increase the student scholarship corpus fund to sustain the increased scholarship awards.  The section volunteers generated surplus funds by supporting and organizing conferences over several years and created adequate corpus funds to  sustain  the scholarship awards.

On behalf of IEEE Vancouver Section, Vancouver Section Chair handed over $50,000 to IEEE Canadian Foundation  (ICF) towards Vancouver Section student scholarships corpus fund during IEEE Canada Board meeting on 4th November 2017.

IEEE Vancouver Chair handing over $50,000 to IEEE Canada Foundation Student Scholarship Corpus Fund – Rama Vinnakota [Left], David H. Whyte [Right]

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