Advertising Rates

Commercial ‘Camera Ready’ Advertising Packages

Pricing based on an ad unit size of one quarter of a letter size page (8.5" x 11")
Package Name1/4 Page InsertionRateContent ChangesTerm in MonthsUnit Cost

Quarter page insertions can be combined to create larger sized ads. For example, two ¼ page insertions could be combined into one ½ page insertion.

Content changes is the number of times either the size or content of an ad can change within the Term in months. For example, the Triple package could be distributed as one insertion of a ½ page ad and, 3 months later, one insertion of a ¼ page ad, and the content of both need not be the same.

Term in months is the number of continuous months over which the package rate prevails. For example, the Double package allows two ¼ page insertions in 2 months, while the Triple package allows three ¼ page insertions in 4 months.

Camera ready means the ad must be submitted for publication in its final form both in content and size.

Payment and refunds: A cheque for the full package price made payable to IEEE VANCOUVER is due within 30 days of our invoice date. Full or partial refunds will be fairly and duly considered on an individual basis.