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The Ultrasound of MUSiiC: Robotics and Advanced Ultrasound Imaging in Medicine

August 2 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Prof. Emad Boctor will be on campus Friday, August 2nd to meet with our researchers and present a talk.

Speaker(s): Emad Boctor,



Due to its low cost and clinical safety, ultrasound (US) imaging remains one of the most commonly used imaging modalities in medical practice. Unfortunately, there are three major challenges limiting not only the safe practice of this modality, but also broader patient deployment and quantitative clinical outcomes. First, a very significant fraction of ultrasonographers (63-91%) develop musculoskeletal disorders due to efforts required to perform imaging tasks, which are further amplified when imaging obese patients given the need for higher forces to compress anterior fat layers and for efficient procedure completion. Second, ultrasound imaging is limited by loss of resolution at increasing depths (as in imaging obese patients), significantly limiting the imaging value with conventional ultrasound imaging. Finally, while ultrasound imaging is most commonly qualitative in nature, quantitative imaging (e.g. speed of sound) has been limited to full-tomographic imaging of the breast; thus, there is a significant gap and need for more accurate imaging of various organs and diseases. Interestingly, all these seemingly distinct challenges can be tackled and addressed via a co-robotic framework.


In the first part of the talk, we will introduce our co-robotic ultrasound imaging platform with cooperative force control, our high-resolution co-robotic synthetic tracked aperture imaging, and our recent developments in co-robotic quantitative ultrasound tomography.  

In the second part of the talk, we will demonstrate our research in advanced ultrasound imaging. Specifically, we will focus on our efforts to democratize photoacoustic and thermal imaging technologies to be deployed on available ultrasound platforms and with minimal hardware alterations. Towards this goal, we will present our thermal imaging approach enabled by ultrasound tagging technology. Finally, we will demonstrate the first transcranial real-time in vivo recording of electrophysiological neural activity in the brain with near-infrared photoacoustic voltage-sensitive dye imaging.


Room: 288
2366 Main Mall
Vancouver, British Columbia
v6t 1z4


August 2
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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