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Room: ASB 10940 (SFU’s Big Data Visualization Lab), Bldg: Applied Sciences Building

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April 2018

Recent Research on Brain-Inspired Modeling and its Applications

Saliency detection is an effective way to acquire potential regions of interest that may attract human eyes, its numerous applications range from object detection and recognition, image compression, video summarization, to content-based image editing and image retrieval. Towards better grouping of objects and background, a method based on Normalized graph cut (Ncut) is proposed for saliency detection. Since the Ncut partitions a graph in a normalized energy minimization fashion, resulting eigenvectors of the Ncut contain good cluster information that may…

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May 2018

Heterogeneous 3D Integrated Circuits – Current Problems

As the sizing of transistors comes to the atomic distance limitations further development becomes possible by either introduction of new technologies or changing in geormetric arrangements of the elements and building blocks. Limitations in microcircuit constructions can be avoided by putting whole building blocks and sub-circuits in 3-dimensional stacks. Such an approach allows for efficient space usage at the same time allowing circuit footprint reduction. Also routing solutions offer very significant wire-length reductions thus reducing power dissipations and signal delays.…

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Physical Design Automation of Transistor Networks

A way to reduce power consumption is to reduce the number of transistors used to implement a circuit, as leakage power is proportional to the number of transistors. It is shown a physical design approach to reduce the number of transistors needed to perform a task. It is proposed an EDA tool set to automatically generate the physical design of any transistor network. It shows an important reduction on power, improving also reliability. A standard cell library has a limited…

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