The Vancouver Section serves the geographical area of the province of BC, except for Vancouver Island (which is served by the Victoria Section). In 2009, the Section Executive Committee voted to create two sub-sections. The subsections were formed in order to better provide IEEE members in these areas with local meetings and other services.

Technical Chapters

The Section’s 16 technical chapters represent 35 of the IEEE’s technical societies. In some cases, chapters representing several technical societies are combined to form a “joint chapter”. Each chapter usually holds 5-6 technical meetings or tours each year. Some chapters organize a few half or full day seminars, and a distinguished lecture or two.

Affinity Groups

Similar to technical chapters, the Vancouver Section has four sub-units called affinity groups. Like technical chapters, these affinity groups are self organized at the local level and each is part of an IEEE-wide affinity group.

Student Branches

The Vancouver Section provides support to six local IEEE student branches. The Vancouver Section provides some financial assistance to Student Branches each year, and also maintains three scholarship awards for student members in these Student Branches. The IEEE Student branches are active in holding events locally and cooperate in order to provide value to IEEE student membership:

For general information about IEEE student activities and the benefits of student membership in IEEE, please visit:

The IEEE Student Branches in British Columbia are distinct organizational units – they are not directly operated and managed by the Vancouver Section. The Vancouver Section encourages and provides support to the IEEE Student Branches in British Columbia. For more details on the programs and support activities for students by the IEEE Vancouver section please contact the Vancouver Section Student Activities chair.