Vancouver is a excellent location for conferences.

To take a look at some of the past and future conferences taking place in Vancouver, please search IEEE conferences!  The IEEE App on your mobile can also be used to search through the various IEEE conferences.

The Vancouver Section cooperates with, and supports large international IEEE conferences when they are planned / held in the Vancouver area.

The Vancouver Section has in the past provided seed money for several IEEE conferences, and is willing to be more involved in providing financial, logistic support as well as local activities support.

The Vancouver Section can assist your conference with many aspects related to conference organization, including: publicity, finances, registration procedures, and post-conference responsibilities.

To find general information about organizing an IEEE conference, please visit the IEEE’s main Conferences page:

To explore the possibilities for your IEEE conference, and to begin working with the Vancouver Section, please contact our Vancouver Section…

Conferences Co-Chair: Youry Khmelevsky (youry at ieee dot org)

Conferences Co-Chair: Eugen Trandafir (eugen dot trandafir at ieee dot org)