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Near-eye light field AR display with a continuous focal plane

January 16, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Human eyes have evolved over millions of years to have consistent vergence and accommodation. However, most stereoscopic AR/VR displays available today can easily cause vergence-accommodation conflict (VAC) and hence visual fatigue to users. We resolve the problem by taking a light field approach that directly projects sub-aperture views of the light field of a virtual object into the user eyes as if the light rays are originated from a real object. This way, correct cues for vergence-accommodation reflex can be obtained. In this talk, I will show how a light field AR display with continuous focal plane can provide the most natural visual experiences for AR/VR users. In addition, I will show a system for constructing an omnidirectional light field using a dual-fisheye camera. Speaker(s): Prof. Homer H. Chen, Room: 10704, Bldg: Applied Science Building, Simon Fraser University, 8888 University Drive, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V5A 1S6