2016/2017 IEEE SFU Student Branch Executives

Introducing the new executive of the IEEE SFU Student Branch. IEEE Vancouver wishes SFU IEEE all the best in the coming year.

Chair: Ryan Serkouh
Vice-Chair: Fatemeh Darbehani
Secretary: Alia Mokhtar
Treasurer: Ivana Jovasevic
Events Coordinator: Caitlin Finnigan
Chair, External Relations: Roy Zhao
Past Chair: Michael Fujiwara

IEEE Vancouver also would like to thank Michael Fujiwara and the outgoing executive for their valued contributions during the past year.

Left-to-right: Fatemeh-Alia-Ivana-Ryan-Caitlin-Roy-Michael

Left-to-right: Fatemeh-Alia-Ivana-Ryan-Caitlin-Roy-Michael

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