In Memoriam: Nick Keenan

The IEEE Vancouver Section is saddened to announce the passing of Nick Keenan, a most valued contributor and volunteer for the section. For over 20 years he has tirelessly and regularly published the Contact newsletter, first from Vancouver, and then remotely from Ottawa. His work in collecting the relevant information, along with organizing, laying out, and distributing it has been of immense value to the electrical engineering and greater technical community in the Vancouver area.  With a circulation of nearly 4000,  his newsletter  ensured that members and non-members alike were well kept well informed of all relevant events in the community and helped build strong bonds that will last a long time.

His attention to detail and the concern he showed to every one of the numerous submissions he received from many of the current and previous executives, along with the meticulous care and thoroughness he displayed will be well remembered.

Born on September 5, 1936, Nick passed away on January 1st, 2018.

Nick Keenan – 1936-2018

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