Vancouver Section Election results – 2020 Officers


The Nominations Committee of the Vancouver Section has announced the results of the Vancouver Section officer election cycle for 2020.

Vancouver Section previously announced the list of candidates nominated by the Section, for various elected officer positions in 2020.  Nominations addressed officer positions at the Section level as well as the Subsection and Chapter / Affinity Group levels.

No petition candidate nominations were received by the end of the nomination period.

The Vancouver Section hereby confirms the election by acclamation of the following individuals for positions in the year 2020:


Section Chair Mike Paraskake
Section Vice Chair Steven McClain
Section Treasurer Matthew Wilder
Section Secretary Jacqueline Nichols
Northern BC  Subsection Fan Jiang
Okanagan Subsection Youry Khmelevsky
Power Electronics Martin Ordonez
Joint Applied Physics Ahmed Hussein
Joint Power & Energy Kenny Poon
Joint Management Darrell Koskinen
Joint Solid State Circuits & Technology Shahriar Mirabbasi
Signal Processing Parvaneh Saeedi
EMB Chapter Robert Rohling
Joint Industry Applications & Electronics Subhadeep Bhattacharya
Oceans, Geoscience & Remote Sensing Jacqueline Nichols *
Joint Circuits & Systems Ljiljana Trajkovic
Joint Computing Mandeep Pannu
Joint Communications Vincent Wong
Electron Devices Michael Adachi
Joint Control, Robotics & Cybernetics Ryozo Nagamune
Joint Aerospace & Electromagnetics Dave Michelson
Life Members Affinity Group Carl Zanon
WiE Affinity Group Selyn Chen
YP Affinity Group Ana Laura Gonzalez
Consultants Network Affinity Group <vacant>


Members having any questions concerning the nominations process or the election process in general are invited to contact:

Guillaume Boisset

IEEE Vancouver Section
Nominations Committee Chair for 2020



NOTE the Vancouver Section also has many other executive committee positions.  A summary of these executive committee positions appears on the Vancouver Section website under the Section Executive tab. These positions are not elected.  All section members interested in serving on one of the executive committees are invited to contact the 2020 Vancouver Section Chair.

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