Affinity Groups and Chapter Officer Nominations and Election 2022


The Vancouver Section announces its proposed slate of Affinity Group and Chapter Officers for 2022.

Affinity Groups Officer Nominations

   Consultant Networks      (Vacant)
   Life Members      S. Carl Zanon
   Women in Engineering   Remya Sreenath
   Young Professionals   Fares Alsaafani

Technical Society and Joint Chapters Officer Nominations

   Electron Devices    Michael Adachi
   Engineering in Medicine & Biology    Purang Abolmaesumi
   Joint Aerospace & Electromagnetics    Dave Michelson
   Joint Applied Physics    Ahmed Hussein
   Joint Circuits & Systems    Deepali Arora
   Joint Communications    Vincent Wong
   Joint Computing    Bob Gill
   Joint Control, Robotics & Cybernetics    Ryozo Nagamune
   Joint Industry Applications & Electronics    Subhadeep Bhattacharya
   Joint Management    Darrell Koskinen
   Oceanic Engineering    Jacqueline Nichols
   Joint Power & Energy    Kenny Poon
   Joint Solid State Circuits & Technology    Shahriar Mirabbasi
   Power Electronics    Martin Ordonez
   Sensors Council    Behraad Bahreyni
   Signal Processing    Parvaneh Saeedi
   Joint Vehicular Technology    Dave Michelson

Any Section member (above the grade of Student Member) who wishes to run for one of the above elected Affinity Group or Chapter Officer positions must be nominated by petition. In order to be nominated as a petition candidate, a person must:

– be a member (above the grade of student member) of that Affinity Group, or Chapter;
– have the support of at least 1% or 12 Affinity Group or Chapter members whichever is less.

Any member seeking to run as a petition candidate must complete the petition application process within 28 days of this notice (end of Feb 2, 2022).

If no petition candidate(s) complete the petition nomination process by the above date, the above nominated candidates will be declared elected by acclamation.

To proceed with petition nomination, please contact the Chair of the Vancouver Section Nominations Committee, Mr. Michael Paraskake, email: mike.paraskake at