Vancouver Section AG and Chapter Officers for 2022 Announced


The Vancouver Section announces its Affinity Group and Chapter Officers for 2022:

Affinity Group Officers for 2022:

   Consultant Networks:      (Vacant)
   Life Members:                  S. Carl Zanon
   Women in Engineering:   Remya Sreenath
   Young Professionals:       Fares Alsaafani

Technical Society Chapter and Joint Chapter Officers for 2022:

   Electron Devices:                                         Michael Adachi
   Engineering in Medicine & Biology:             Purang Abolmaesumi
   Joint Aerospace & Electromagnetics:          Dave Michelson
   Joint Applied Physics:                                  Ahmed Hussein
   Joint Circuits & Systems:                             Deepali Arora
   Joint Communications:                                Vincent Wong
   Joint Computing:                                         Bob Gill
   Joint Control, Robotics & Cybernetics:        Ryozo Nagamune
   Joint Industry Applications & Electronics:  Subhadeep Bhattacharya
   Joint Management:                                      Darrell Koskinen
   Oceanic Engineering:                                   Jacqueline Nichols
   Joint Power & Energy:                                 Kenny Poon
   Joint Solid State Circuits & Technology:     Shahriar Mirabbasi
   Power Electronics:                                       Martin Ordonez
   Sensors Council:                                          Behraad Bahreyni
   Signal Processing:                                       Parvaneh Saeedi
   Joint Vehicular Technology:                        Dave Michelson

The Section nominated candidates were declared elected by acclamation.

All Chapter and AG officers will serve in their respective offices for a one year term.

Contact information for all Vancouver Section, Chapter and AG officers is available on the Section Executive page of the Vancouver Section website: