New Section Senior Members – April 2024


The Vancouver Section is pleased to announce that several members have been elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior Member.

The elevations come as a result of two recent IEEE Senior Member elevation meetings, held in January and April, 2024.

Congratulations to the following (new) Vancouver Section Senior Members!

  • Chen, Bruce
  • Connors, Grant
  • Lin, Ning
  • Mahdavian, Ramtin
  • Makanju, Adetokunbo
  • Rubin, Julia
  • Sajjadi, S. Dawood
  • Vankayala, Vidya
  • Yang, Zhongxun

The official upgrade announcement(s) is available online on the Senior Member Elevation page.

Elevation to the grade of IEEE Senior Member represents an important professional recognition.

IEEE grants this recognition only to those who meet certain criteria, including 10 years of experience.  Applications must be supported by professional references, and are peer reviewed at periodic Senior Member elevation meetings.

For additional information about the IEEE Senior Member grade, its requirements, and to begin the application process, please visit the Senior Member Requirements page.