Mission Statement

Welcome to the Circuits and Systems (CAS) Society joint Chapter of the Vancouver/Victoria Sections.
The IEEE CAS Society currently has seventeen technical committees, focusing on specific technical areas of interest to CAS Society membership:

– Analog Signal Processing
– Blind Signal Processing
– Biomedical Circuits and Systems
– Cellular Neural Networks and Array Computing
– Circuits and Systems for Communications
– Circuits and Systems Education and Outreach
– Computer-Aided Network Design
– Digital Signal Processing
– Life-Science Systems and Applications
– Multimedia Systems and Applications
– Nanoelectronics and Gigascale Systems
– Neural Systems and Applications
– Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
– Power Systems and Power Electronic Circuits
– Sensory Systems
– Visual Signal Processing and Communications
– VLSI Systems and Applications.

Our goal is to support the mission of the CAS Society through sponsoring and organizing local technical meetings, seminars, workshops, and conferences, and through disseminating information of interest and relevance to the CAS Society members.