IEEE Historic Milestone – plaque dedicated

IEEE Commemorates Trans-Canada Microwave System

On 1 July 1958, the Trans-Canada Microwave System introduced live network television and direct-dialed long distance telephone service to Canadians from coast to coast. Comprising 139 towers spanning more than 6275 kilometres, it was, when completed, the world’s longest such network. Later extended and upgraded, the system had an immense impact on Canada’s society and economy.




This engineering achievement has been recognized by IEEE as an IEEE Historic Milestone.

In early 2022 the IEEE History Center and IEEE Board of Directors approved the IEEE Canada History Committee’s application for the IEEE Milestone recognizing the Trans-Canada Microwave System.

While the engineering, implementation and operation of the system involved engineers across Canada, engineers in Vancouver played an important role.

And so it was fitting that the Vancouver Section took a leading role in applying for recognition of this milestone.

The Vancouver Section was the lead Section for recognition of and commemoration of this IEEE Milestone, which grew to include nearly all of the sections across IEEE Canada.

For more information about the history of the Trans-Canada Microwave System, visit the IEEE Canada article written by local IEEE member Prof. David Michelson who leads the IEEE Canada History Committee.

On October 12, 2022 the Vancouver Section held a small ceremony to commemorate the IEEE Milestone for the Trans-Canada Microwave System (TCMS). The Vancouver Section provided funding for two IEEE Milestone plaques – one in English, and one in French – and these were mounted outside the TELUS Headquarters in Vancouver.

TELUS Chief Technology Officer Dr. Ibrahim Gedeon joined Vancouver Section Chair Matthew Wilder for the dedication of the IEEE Milestone at the TELUS Vancouver office.


TELUS CTO Ibrahim Gedeon and Vancouver Section Chair Matthew Wilder with IEEE Milestone plaques.


Also involved in the dedication was Mike Paraskake, who is a long-time member and volunteer in the section. In addition to being a member of the Vancouver Section, Mike’s career included several decades working at BC Tel, and TELUS where among many contributions he worked directly on the Trans-Canada Microwave System.


TELUS CTO Ibrahim Gedeon and Vancouver Section member Mike Paraskake, with IEEE Milestone plaques


Members in the area who wish to visit the IEEE Milestone site will find the plaques mounted outside the entrance to 768 Seymour St in Vancouver.


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Trans Canada Microwave System, 1958