B.C. Teams Impress in IEEExtreme Programming Competition

UBC Team “codeSysInc” ranked first in Region 7

The 17th edition of the annual IEEExtreme programming competition was held on Oct. 28th, 2023.

IEEEXtreme is a worldwide computer coding competition open exclusively to IEEE Student Members.  Nearly 17,000 IEEE Students registered this year, which represents a 16% growth over last year’s record-setting registration.  This represents over 12% of the total IEEE Student Membership!

The challenging competition, which consists of several programming problems or “tasks”, runs over the course of one 24 hour period.  The competition attracted student teams from around the world, including 55 from Region 7 (Canada).

7 student teams from the B.C. mainland competed, and turned in impressive results!

The rankings for the B.C. mainland student teams are shown in the table below.

The Vancouver Section congratulates all of the student programming teams from B.C. on their success, and encourages all student members to enter the next edition of the competition in 2o24.

For additional information about the IEEExtreme programming competition, including registration information, rules, and practice programming tasks, please visit:



IEEExtreme Competition 2023 - B.C. Teams results

Team NameInstitutionRegionRank in Region
codeSysIncUniversity of British ColumbiaR71
JavaJuggernautsThompson Rivers UniversityR723
ubcsmartcityUniversity of British ColumbiaR734
OhShootThompson Rivers UniversityR737
principiaUniversity of British ColumbiaR742
TRUEngineersThompson Rivers UniversityR750
TeletubbiesThompson Rivers UniversityR752