Section Election – Chapter and AG Officers – 2024


Chapter and Affinity Group Officers for 2024 term

The Vancouver Section announces its chapter and affinity group officers for 2024.

Affinity Group Officers

   Consultant Networks      Anthony Cheung
   Life Members                  S. Carl Zanon
   Women in Engineering   Mahsa Bataghva
   Young Professionals       Saboora Mohammadian Roshan


Technical Society and Joint Chapter Officers

   Electron Devices                                          Michael Adachi
   Engineering in Medicine & Biology              Ilker Hacihaliloglu
   Joint Aerospace & Electromagnetics           Dave Michelson
   Joint Applied Physics                                   Ahmed Hussein
   Joint Circuits & Systems                              Zhida Li
   Joint Communications                                 Lele Wang
   Joint Computing                                           Mandeep Pannu
   Joint Control, Robotics & Cybernetics          Dejan Kihas
   Joint Industry Applications & Electronics    Subhadeep Bhattacharya
   Joint Management                                        Darrell Koskinen
   Oceanic Engineering                                    Jacqueline Nichols
   Joint Power & Energy                                   Anand Shah
   Joint Solid State Circuits & Technology       Shahriar Mirabbasi
   Power Electronics                                         Martin Ordonez
   Sensors Council                                            Behraad Bahreyni
   Signal Processing                                         Parvaneh Saeedi
   Joint Transportation                                     Dave Michelson


The above chapter and affinity group officers will assume office on January 1st, 2024, and will serve for a term of one year.