Upgrading to Senior Member

The process for upgrading your membership to SM is described on the IEEE web site referenced below. However, the process still seems to be unclear (or perhaps the process is overly complicated and engineers don’t simplify). This note has been prepared to clarify the actions for Vancouver Section applicants.

1. Visit the following web page. Requirements and process for an upgrade are well defined there: https://www.ieee.org/membership/senior/senior-requirements.html

2. Identify 3 SM or Fellow references; if a current SM or Fellow has “nominated” you, only 2 references are required. For assistance in identifying suitable references, contact George Davies (george_davies at telus dot net).

3. Contact the references for their permission to give their names as a reference. You will need to ask them for their Membership Number and will need to give them yours. These membership numbers should be inserted in the application and reference forms.

4. Make up a CV, perhaps taking guidance from the suggestions on the web site.

5. Fill in the on-line application, or fax in the downloadable form. In the Section on “Nomination Info”, be sure to put in the name of the Vancouver Section. If you have a “Nominator” insert his/her name; otherwise leave this blank. Either submit your application electronically or fax it in. Fax and mail addresses are given on the web site

6. E-mail or fax your CV to the IEEE with a covering note to advise that this is in support of your application for a membership upgrade and include your Membership Number. Fax and mail addresses are given on the web site

7. E-mail your CV to your three/two references; the references will each have to fill in a Reference Form Forms for the references are available on the sitehttp://www.ieee.org/organizations/rab/md/smprogram.html. I suggest that you ask each of your references to advise you when their reference form has been submitted.

8. You are done. You may follow the progress of your application on the IEEE site:http://www.ieee.org/organizations/rab/md/smappstatus.html Hopefully, the site is updated frequently.

If you have any difficulties, questions, or need help to identify references, get in touch with George Davies ( george_davies at telus dot net; telephone 604-535-7182). Jose Marti has also offered to assist members (jrms at ece dot ubc dot ca).